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3D-CMM MEASUREMENT SERVICE IN CHENNAI: Unique Measurement Service (9965251951 / 7358051091) >Hexagon 3D CNC Co-ordinate Measuring Machine. Accuracy of Machine is 2.8+L/300 micrometer. Measuring range X-600mm, Y-800mm, Z-600mm >We are using world leading measurement software PC-DMIS for all GD& T. We can measure the part with CNC programming mode. We can create measuring programs by selecting the feature using CAD model design drawing. Either size form & positing tolerance directly from the CAD model. Carrying capacity of the machine is upto 300kgs. We are measuring all types of parts with CAD comparison. All types of Industrial components measurement. High accuracy engine components, Aerospace components, Jig & Fixtures, Dies & Moulds measurements. 3D surface inspection.
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