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CMM INSPECTION SERVICE ZEISS 3D CNC Co-Ordinate Measuring Machine Model: SPECTRUM II with RDS C5 XDT Probe system Accuracy of Machine is 2.1┬Ám. Measuring Range: X = 700mm Y = 1000mm Z = 600mm The articulating probe holder offers +/- 180 degrees of bi-directional rotation and permits indexing steps of 5 degrees reaching 5, 184 angular positions for either sensor. probe head XDT TL3 ID for length axial 30mm -150mm, radial 65mm Fully Automatic Probe Head CALYPSO has revolutionized programming in measuring technology. Its feature-oriented interface provides unparalleled ease of use. Intuitively create measuring programs by selecting the feature used in the CAD design drawing. Enter size, form and position tolerances directly from the CAD model.
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