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CNC MACHINES LASER CALIBRATION SERVICE ALL OVER INDIA:Unique Measurement Service (9965251951 & 7358051091) High performance measurement and calibration for motion systems, including CMMs and machine tools. ACCURACY AND DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE Linear measurement accuracy is an assured ±0.5 ppm thanks to a precision stabilized laser source and accurate environmental compensation. Readings can be taken at up to 50 kHz, with a maximum linear measurement speed of 4 m/s and a linear resolution of 1 nm, even at maximum speed. All measurement options (not just linear) are based on interferometric measurements, giving confidence in the accuracy of the data recorded. The most common use of the XL-80 laser system is for verification of motion systems. Measuring machine performance allows users to be confident in their machining or identify issues before they are seen in manufactured parts. XL-80 is able to directly measure geometric errors in a machine independently, unlike laser tracker systems. This gives confidence in the measurements and makes it possible to isolate errors. Machine accuracy can then be improved by: Making targeted alterations to the machine's assembly. Using the data to apply error compensation. Repeat runs can verify the improvement made and demonstrate the improved capability of the machine.
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