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PORTABLE CMM INSPECTION SERVICE IN ALL OVER INDIA BY UNIQUE MEASUREMENT SERVICE ROMER ABSOLUTE ARM -7325 SERIOUS (6-AXIS) All ROMER Absolute Arms including scanning systems pass through B89.4.22 certification. Additional certifications according to VDI/VDE 2617-9 are also available. The ROMER Absolute Arm Compact model is available with a choice of ISO 10360-2 or B89.4.22 certification Size does matter A high-precision, non-contact laser scanner with the capability to distinguish between a variety of colours and surface finishes. High resolution, high speed laser measurement performance For measuring tasks that traditional tactile probes can't touch. It is very useful for reverse engineering. 3D digitizing, 3D modelling, point cloud inspection, reverse engineering, this system is an all-purpose metrology tool for a multitude of applications The HP-L-8.9 is an affordable 3D laser scanning solution which extends the measurement capability of the 6 axes ROMER Absolute Arm range into a wider variety of industry applications with line length of 80mm and a speed up to 45, 000 points per second.
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