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World Leading CMM Inspection Service in Chennai: UNIQUE MEASUREMENT SERVICE (9965251951 & 7358051091)
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CNC MACHINES LASER & BALL BAR CALIBRATION SERVICE ALL OVER INDIA: 9965251951 & 9840241781. > Increase Machine up-time. > Error compensation. > Improve machine performance. > Enable targeted maintenance. > Save cost. > Reduce wear & tear.
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REVERSE ENGINEERING SERVICE IN COIMBATORE: 9965251951 & 9840241781. > All types of parts make drawings. > Using 3D red-light laser scanning. > 2D, 3D designing & on-site measurement on shop floor.
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VIDEO MEASURING SYSTEM MEASUREMENT SERVICE IN CHENNAI & COIMBATORE: 9965251951 & 9840241781. > Measuring range X-300, Y-200, Z-axis probe. > Accuracy range 3+L/150 micro meter. > Can measure Flat Parts, Tiny materials. > 2D & 3D precision parts like: Precision components, nozzles, watch & clock components, gears, keys, tools, piston, valves, etc. > Rotationally Symmetrical parts like: Drilling tools, injection nozzles, bushes, gears, etc.
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CMM MEASUREMENT SERVICE IN CHENNAI & COIMBATORE: 9965251951 & 9840241781. > Onsite service. > ISO, DIN, ANSI and JIS standard parameters. > 42 analysis parameters are provided, including the basic Ra, Rq, Rz & Ry. > GO/NG judgement on a desired parameter. > Output data is available for SPC operation.